Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

We often think of great photographs being taken at the decisive moment. That moment in time when something unique or important happens. However  sometimes an iconic image can be taken after the fact. Sometimes what's not there is also important as it lends to the imagination. Such is the case for "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"!

"The Valley of the Shadow of Death" is a photograph taken by Roger Fenton in 1855 during the Crimean War. It's a photo you have to take a good look at to understand and appreciate! 

It is taken after a battle in a gully littered with cannon balls. No bodies, no dead soldiers or animals, just cannon balls. One can only imaging the horror the soldiers must have felt as these canon balls rained down on them!

"The Valley of the Shadow of Death" has been included in Time Magazines Top 100 photos the most influential images of all time.