Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pay it Forward

I'm not a big fan of "paying it forward". Don't get me wrong it's not the idea of being nice to someone that I have a problem with but it's the thought that you will get something in return for doing so. It's a little like expecting Karma to hand each their justice, it would be nice but it doesn't work that way.

The pay it forward idea can be little self-serving for me, too egotistical! It's as if "Pay it Forward" is some sort of reward system. You would think doing it because it's a good thing to do is enough!

As you may know I've been doing street photography downtown for the last 8 years and I prefer to go down when it's snowing and sometimes on a very cold winters day. I do this for no other reason than to do something different. I get bored doing the same thing over and over.

PAIN by Brian Carey

I do have gloves with me but can't operate my cameras with them on; not surprisingly my hands can get very cold. Sometimes I go to the men's washroom and use the hand dryer to warm my hands and heat my gloves. Often times I will go into one of the coffee shops and get myself a coffee. Cradling a hot coffee is sure a lovely feeling when your hands are a bit numb!

One very cold February day in 2015 I went into Atlantic Place for a coffee and bumped into Wayne. I have photographed Wayne a few times and got to know him a bit, soft spoken and nice is how I would describe him. I asked him if he wanted a coffee and a sandwich. We went to the Starbucks counter to order and when we got the order the gal at the counter wouldn't take my money. She said someone had left some money with them in case someone came in and couldn't afford to pay.

Someone did something nice with no expectation of reward! There are some lovely people out there!

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